Peter Rabbit™ Infant and Children's Apparel


This exquisite range of Peter Rabbit™ infant and Children's wear apparel, courtesy of Designworks, can be found exclusively in Myer stores across the country. 

The range of fine apparel and nursery linens features new styles each month, focusing on infant apparel from birth to two years of age. 

All garments are designed in Australia and are true to the values and heritage of the Peter Rabbit™ brand.  These fashionable and quality lines of children's wear and nursery bed linen make the perfect gift for any new addition to the family.



  • Marie
    17 May 2012, 22:59

    cute! but us older rabbitt lovers need peter rabbitt items too, how about socks. or beanies, or gloves, or even t-shirts for us with your logo. your not just for babies. We all have a peter rabbit in us, so don't forget our apparel.

  • Anonymous commenter
    24 March 2013, 08:39

    Some time ago in uk bought 3 Peter rabbit children's sleeping bag are they still available please would love2 more

  • Kogie
    30 March 2013, 14:59

    Hi, I"m interested in purchasing Peter Rabbit baby linen. Would love to see what they look like and details as to how the purchase can be made.

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