Peter Hops Back onto Screens!


The world's most beloved bunny is leaping off the page and into new and exciting adventures on ABC4Kids! The brand new Peter Rabbit™ animated television show will be debuting in Australia with 20 new episodes full of mischief, fun and adventure.

In this dynamic re-imagining of the classic books, follow Peter as he encounters real dangers, overcomes obstacles and outsmarts predators, all while finding fun and excitement in the most unexpected places.

We all had a taste of what was to come, with the airing of the Christmas special last year, and have eagerly awaited the next installment ever since. Be sure to tune in at 5.20pm daily on ABC4Kids (ABC2) from July 8th to see Peter Rabbit and all of his friends in their brand new animated adventures!

To take a sneak peek at the new episode, visit the Peter Rabbit Club Facebook page.


  • Elizabeth Brown
    08 July 2013, 17:14

    My 6yrs old daughter loves Peter Rabbit and thinks the animation is brilliant and wants the DVD now!!!! :)) well done and about time.

  • Anonymous commenter
    11 July 2013, 18:41

    Any plans for a DVD of this please? It's a fantastic show, very well made and my children adore it.

  • kerri
    02 August 2013, 08:34

    is there a dvd for this show my six yr old is in love with peter rabbit

  • Anonymous commenter
    26 August 2013, 10:52

    I love peter rabbit he is my favourite animal after a kangaroo I'm sad that it is Abc 4 kids anymore please make a new series I would enjoy that
    From 100% lover of Peter rabbit

  • Anita
    30 August 2013, 13:11

    This is a wonderful show. My son absolutely LOVES it. we would love to see this on DVD.

  • Chris
    10 September 2013, 16:20

    Is there any news on a dvd for this yet? my daughters driving me up the wall for me to find it :)

  • Peter Rabbit Team
    25 November 2013, 01:13

    The good news is that the first DVD set will be available in ABC stores from December 4th! Keep your eyes peeled for more updates.

  • Joan Andrews
    11 January 2014, 17:54

    When will Peter Rabbit be available on DVD in England?

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