The Christmas Tale of Peter Rabbit

It’s almost Christmas and Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny cannot contain their excitement. But an alarming announcement from their feathered friend, William, sees the rabbits thrown into a race against time to save him from the McGregor’s festive feast.


The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit

When Peter Rabbit squeezes under the gate into Mr. McGregor's garden, he is carted away from his beloved Lake District to the Scottish lowlands. Here he meets the gentle giant, a distant Scottish relative, and much entertainment ensues.

About Emma Thompson

"I've always loved Beatrix Potter, as a child and then as a mother and all the years in-between as well. When Mr Rabbit invited me to write a further tale, I was more honoured than I can say. I hope I don’t let him or his extraordinary creator down."

Emma Thompson is an Oscar-winning screenwriter and actress who lives in London and Argyll. Her father was Eric Thompson, the man behind The Magic Roundabout and she remembers him reading Beatrix Potter’s tales to her and her sister in his best Dougal voice. “We would always want The Tale of Mr. Tod which is lengthy and satisfyingly spooky.

About the illustrator

Eleanor Taylor was brought up in Scotland, surrounded by a menagerie of animals and eccentricity. She studied architecture and spent several years working as a designer for Harrods. She has been writing and illustrating picture books for the last fifteen years. She has a great affinity for the countryside which is beautifully reflected in the engaging characters and beautiful scenes illustrated in The Christmas Tale and The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Eleanor moved to the tiny village of Ancrum in the Scottish Borders when she was seven years old - Ancrum was the home of Beatrix Potter’s beloved brother, Bertram. He lived there with his wife on a small farm.

Have you met William

Watch our fun short film starring Emma Thompson and the feathered inspiration for The Christmas Tale of Peter Rabbit.
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