Introducing Emma Bridgewater's 'Beatrix Potter' Collection.


Iconic British designer Emma Bridgewater has partnered with Peter Rabbit to create a beautiful new set of pottery which goes on sale today! Hand made in the UK, these beautiful pieces use original Beatrix Potter illustrations combined with classic Emma Bridgewater styling. There are two designs available, Peter Rabbit and Flopsy Rabbit. 

The full collection is available to buy via the Emma Bridgewater website.


  • Marcia Anderson
    01 February 2014, 22:38

    Love Hilltop and Beatrix Potter.we have been there three times. Absolutely love England. Want to read more about Emma Thompson and her connection with Beatrix.

  • Jerry Ann Burket
    08 February 2014, 15:24

    Ditto on the comment above. I lived in England for 35 years and visited Hilltop many times. I every thing about the Lake District and Beatrix Potter. My sister in law and I dream of the day we can return. I have read Susan Wittig Albert's Beatrix Potter Mysteries. So cute and I walk all over Sawry. Also, have A Fine Romance, Falling in love with England, by Susan Branch. Hmmm, Those Susans have a thing for England too!! LOL An Englishman told me once that I had been carrying a love affair with England as long as he could remember. It is true, England and and English people are in my heart. Have a great week end.

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